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Introducing SONIC V

Fifth generation of Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry technology for Inner Diameter tube inspection

 Sonic V


apr oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Heat exchganers, fin-fan tubes

Our ultra-fast inspections with the APR Technology help oil and gas refineries to ensure that their heat exchangers and boilers are operating efficiently and safely...

apr chemical and petrochemical

Chemical & Petrochemical

Heat exchangers, boilers

Our non-traversing inspection solution assists leading chemical companies in achieving new levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability. 

apr power plant

Power generation

Condensers, heat exchangers, boilers

Our unique non-traversing technology is well suited for challenging physical environments, such as those prevalent in power generation facilities. 

apr heat exchangers

Food & beverage, pulp & paper, HVAC

Heat exchangers, fin-fan tubes, spiral tubes

Food and beverage producers must optimize productivity and control costs in order to succeed in this highly competitive market. 


Ultra-fast tube inspection

• Extremely-fast, non-invasive inspection/less than 10s per tube 
• Single operator with minimal training

Any material, any shape

• U-bends, fin-fans, twisted,
spiral wound tubes
• Ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals, graphite and plastics

Final report in 24h

• Get a report from highly trained

and experienced analyst team in less than 24 hours after the inspection.


SWIS is the manufacturer of NDT equipment which utilizes sound waves of various characteristics as an inspection method. Our goal is to be known worldwide as the acoustic experts!

Our first equipment is using APR (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry) technology and is named “Sonic V”. 

To learn more about Sound Wave Inspection Systems, please visit the About US page.

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