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Sound Wave Inspection Systems (SWIS)

SWIS is the manufacturer of NDT equipment which utilizes sound waves of various characteristics as an inspection method. Our goal is to be known worldwide as the acoustic experts!

Our first equipment is using APR (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry) technology and is named “Sonic V”. 

From 2008 we were actively involved in the development of the technology that uses the acoustical part of sound waves spectrum as a tool to inspect tubes of heat exchangers and boilers. The technology was named APR (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry).

In later years, this new technology was standardized by ASTM and ASME, which opened a wide range of possibilities to develop this exciting new APR technology further.

Our group has a vast experience with 4 previous generations of APR technology. The combination of progress in technical possibilities in general and our determination to make great products using sound waves as an inspection method brought us to our first product, the Sonic V. 

In the years to come we will surprise the market with more innovative products using sound waves.

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