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Wherever Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Boilers or other applications with tubes are used, you’ll find that they all experience defects over the years. Defects like pitting, blockages, holes and cracking are often causing problems in the work process.


Over the years a lot of different techniques were developed to cope with those defects, find and locate them so action can be taken. The big disadvantage is that those techniques take a lot of time and therefor money, because the application is out of order for a longer period.


Because of the timetable, often only sampling is done to get a general view of the status of the application.

Sound Wave Inspection Systems (SWIS) doesn’t have the time problem because we are working with sound and therefor the speed of sound. Where the other techniques need sampling to cope with the time problem, SWIS inspects all the application tubes in the same time or faster!


SWIS's products are using the latest industry standardized non-traversing APR technology. This innovative heat exchanger and boiler inspection solution enables fast and efficient maintenance of critical systems for a wide range of applications in all kind of industries. These highly accurate and easy-to-use defect detection tools improve business efficiency, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

Oil & Gas

Our ultra-fast inspections with the APR Technology help oil and gas refineries to ensure that their heat exchangers and boilers are operating efficiently and safely. Some specific example applications: Fin Fan Air Cooler Inspection, U-Tube Inspection, Boiler Inspection, Heat Exchanger Inspection.

fin fan air coo
Oil & Gas

Power Generation

power plant apr inspection

Our unique non-traversing technology is well suited for challenging physical environments, such as those prevalent in power generation facilities. We provide

inspection solutions for traditional and "green" power generation applications, including coal, gas, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy. Products of SWIS provide power plants with important advantages for minimizing downtime and improving operational productivity.

Some specific example applications: Condenser Inspection, Fin Fan Cooler Inspection, Pre-Heater Tubes Inspection, Snail Shaped Tubes Inspection, Large Diameter Tube Inspection.

Power generation

Chemical & Petrochemical

Our non-traversing inspection solution assists leading chemical companies in achieving new levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability. This includes inspection of heat exchanger and boiler tubes in any shape or material up to 52mm to meet the specific needs of chemical processing facilities. Some specific example applications: Graphite Condenser Material, Boiler Inspection, Heat Exchanger Inspection, Pre-Heater Tubes Inspection, Water Cooler Inspection.

heat exchanger apr inspection
Chemical & Petrochemical

Food & Beverage

boiler apr

Food and beverage producers must optimize productivity and control costs in order to succeed in this highly competitive market. SWIS product, the Sonic V, helps to minimize downtime and streamline maintenance processes, while complying with quality, health and safety regulations. Some specific example applications: Condenser Inspection, Boiler Inspection.

Food & Beverage

Other industries

Pulp & Paper Industry

The Sonic V, SWIS heat exchanger and boiler inspection solution, can provide important advantages for pulp and paper mills. Our cost-effective inspection achieves fast, accurate flaw detection, improving factory efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. A specific example application: Air Heater Inspection.


Our non-traversing inspection technology enables rapid inspection of HVAC tube systems, regardless of configuration or type of material. It is well-suited for the diverse range of applications in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning markets, including those which may pose challenges for traditional inspection techniques. A specific example application: HVAC Chillers Inspection in Semiconductor Industry.

hvac apr
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