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Sound Wave Inspection Systems
Sonic V

Innovative Inner Diameter Inspection System for Heat Exchangers and Boilers

Sound Wave Inspection Systems introduces the Sonic V, a Fifth Generation Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry inspection system for ultra-fast and reliable inner diameter tube inspections.


A powerful and flexible device

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Sonic V has been designed with speed and mobility in mind. The lightweight, ultra-portable, battery operated probe is small enough to be carried in a backpack, while the absence of cables or calibration tubes makes the Sonic V even easier to operate. Extremely quick data collection makes 100% inspections a reality when/if needed.

Designed for fast inspections

Highly sensitive to through wall holes (detects any hole with diameter of 0.5mm and bigger!), with under 10 seconds for single tube inspection, enables efficient testing of 100% of tubes in shutdowns and emergency inspections.

Top quality reports each time

The most experienced analysts are available 24/7, guarantee top quality analysis and reporting every time

Sonic V

Side View

Sonic V

Front View

Sonic V and Backpack

Size Comparison

Sonic V


Sonic V


Sonic V

Front View

Sonic V

Front View

Sonic V

Front View

Sonic V

Size Comparison

Sonic V

Bottom View

Sonic V

Top View

Sonic V

Adaptor View

Sonic V and Backpack

Size Comparison

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Sonic V leverages APR technology capabilities

Specially formed acoustic pulses are propagated through the air enclosed by tube.
Echoes generated by defects are recorded using cutting edge microphones.
Powerful algorithms are identifying location, type and size of ID defects.

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Quick Tour

From inspection preparation stage to final report in 4 easy steps:

The use of the Sonic V is very easy.

As a matter of fact it takes only 4 simple steps to get from preparing the inspection to having the final report ready.

Following those steps will take you through the inspection in a record time, where, once the data reaches the analysts, you will receive the report within no more than 24 hours.

Quick Tour


Sonic V

• Extremely sensitive to through

  wall holes and blockages/restrictions
• Easy detection of ID wall losses

(pitting, erosion)**

• Ability to detect holes from 0.5mm in     diameter and bigger

ID defects detection
Practical solution

• Extremely-fast, non-invasive inspection/less than 10s per tube 
• Both, battery and electricity operated
• No need for inventory of consumable probes or standards
• Single operator with minimal training



• The Sonic V is designed to simplify inspection process.

• A user-friendly interface is developed to ensure reliable and efficient inspections, helping the operator setting up, guiding through and finalizing the inspection. 


• Touchscreen display

• Cloud based data delivery

• USB, WiFi and bluetooth connectivity

• Automatic software updates

• Battery operated handheld device

Cutting-edge technology


• Get reports from a highly trained

and experienced analyst team in less than 24 hours after the inspection.

• Very light and convenient for fast transportation – battery certified for air freight.

• All you need for inspection in a single backpack.

Complete ID coverage of all types of tubes


• U-bends, fin-fans, twisted,

spiral wound tubes
• Ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals, graphite and plastics
• ID diameters from 6mm (1/4") to 50mm (2")
• Up to 20 meters depending on defect size, tube configuration and type

Professional service

In the box

Every Sonic V comes in an airline approved safety backpack with a rich accessories list:

1. Sonic V 

     Fully assembled, ready to use APR device

2. 13 Adapters (6-50mm ID)

     Complete range of adapters for different tube

     diameters are included in the package

3. Two Li-Ion batteries

     Two batteries in the package make 12h shifts

     possible without external power source

4. External charger 

     Recharge second battery while system is being

     used, making non-stop remote (no electricity)

     inspections a reality.

5. Power supply

     Dual-Voltage (110v/230v) with market specific

     power adapter. Can be used as a charger, or a

     power supply (with/without battery installed).

Sonic V Backpack

Sonic V Backpack

Fully equipped SWIS backpack with Sonic V and all accessories.

Sonic V

Sonic V

Sonic V, battery cover, two batteries, adaptors, external battery charger.

Li-Ion Batteries

Li-Ion Batteries

Every Sonic V is shipped with two Li-Ion batteries and external charger, making non-stop mobile inspection a reality.



13 Adaptors cover all tube sizes from 6mm to 52mm inner diameter.

Power charger

Power charger

Dual-voltage (110v/230v) power charger specifically designed for each market. Can be used as a power supply (with/without battery) or as an external charger.

In the box
360° View

Use a mouse, or a touchscreen to drag/swipe Sonic V around and get a complete view of the device.

360° View
Sonic V front
Sonic V APR
Sonic V side view

Dimension & Weight:

Device:                                                                                   Length: 21cm (8,27")  (max)

                                                                                                Width: 13,3cm (5,24")

                                                                                                Height: 27,3cm (10,75")

                                                                                                Weight: 2,23kg (4.92lb)


Backpack* :                                                                            Length: 50cm (19,69") 
                                                                                                 Width: 33cm (12,99")
                                                                                                 Height: 20cm (7,87")
​                                                                                                 Weight: 6,07kg (13,38lb​)

Power supply:                                                               Battery operated: Li-Ion 14,8V

                                                                                                 Dual voltage system (110V/230V)

Operating Temperature Range:                       -10° to +50° C (14° to 122° F)

Tube Characteristics:

Tube Diameter:                                                                     6mm – 50mm inner diameter

Tube Configuration:                                                             Any configuration including U-bends, finned tubes,

                                                                                                 twisted tubes and spiral wound tubes

Tube Material:                                                                       Any material including: metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)

                                                                                                 and non-metals (graphite, plastics, ceramics)

Tube Length:                                                                         Up to 20m length depending on defect size,

                                                                                                 tube configuration and type

Detectable Defects:                                                 Holes  (Min diameter 0.5mm, smaller in many cases)

                                                                                               Blockages (Minimum of 5% of cross section)

                                                                                               Wall loss**  (Min 20% on diameter of a defect min 5mm)

Inspection Speed:                                                    10 seconds per tube in any tube configuration

* Fully equipped, with the device and all accessories.

**Tubes must be cleaned out of all debris, scale or dirt.


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